Rest Infofield Setter

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A simplistic plugin that allows external programs to update asset information fields without the overhead of having to use SOAP.


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: userId, required: no, default: API User

the user that should be used to execute the update operations. Uses the default API User when nothing is configured.


type: String, required: no, default: -

Only accept updates when this exact token is provided via the token parameter.


The plugin is available under {your.celum.server}/infofield/setter


type: assetId, required: yes, occurrence: once

The ID of the asset you with to update


type: String, required: no, occurrence: multiple*

The updated values, per information field ID {id} (and an optional {locale} if needed). Note that the types are inferred automatically, and that providing an empty value will clear the information field.

* caveat: It is currently not supported to update the same localized field in multiple locales in the same request, i.e. &info-123-de=foo&info-123-en=bar will result in an error. This is an SDK limitation that we could work around if needed.


  • {your.celum.server}/infofield/setter?asset=123&info-105=2018-01-01&info-106-en=My description - sets the date field 105 to the 01.01.2018 and the English description 106 to "My description"
  • {your.celum.server}/infofield/setter?asset=456&info-107=&info-108=Pony - clears the information field 107 and adds the keyword "Pony" to the node-referencing field 108


Initial Version