CELUM Extensions

Here you'll find the configurable properties of our reusable CELUM Extensions .

Property format

The general property format in the docs is:


type: some-type, required: yes/no, default: xyz

Description and more infos about the property

Naming Scheme

We use Semantic Versioning, with the lowest compatible CELUM API version tacked on.

Our naming scheme for JAR files is pluginName-{version of the plugin}-{minimum celum api version}.jar

e.g. anura-2.8.5-6.8.1.jar means that anura has version 2.8.5 and requires at least CELUM 6.8.1 to run.

Plugin Installation / Update

  1. Copy the JAR file to your celum/home/appserver/lib folder. Make sure the plugin version is compatible to your CELUM version (see naming scheme above).
  2. Delete or remove any old versions of the plugin from the lib folder. This step could cause CELUM to stop working properly until it is restarted.
  3. Update the celum/home/appserver/conf/custom.properties file with all the required properties (consult the individual plugin page).
  4. Further customize the plugin by adding other properties to the custom.properties file (optional).
  5. Restart the CELUM appserver.
  6. Delete all files starting with the plugin's prefix in celum/server/app/work/Catalina/localhost/ROOT/org/apache/jsp/jsp. The folder could be named slightly different, depending on your installation. This step is only required for GUI plugin updates.
  7. For GUI plugin updates it is also recommended to either clear the browser cache or press Ctrl+Shift+R after opening the plugin's GUI to reload CSS and JavaScript files.

Nova Plugin Installation / Update

  1. Copy the Plugin folder to your celum/home/nova-plugins folder (or whatever your nova.app.plugins points to). Make sure the plugin version is compatible to your CELUM version. (the plugin folder is normally shipped in a zip folder by brix)
  2. Update the celum/home/nova-plugins/plugins-config.json file to register the nova plugin (you can find the content you have to add in the plugin-config.json file in the zip, shipped by brix).
  3. Install the backend plugin (See Plugin Installation / Update).
  4. Restart the CELUM appserver.
  5. It is also recommended to either clear the browser cache or press Ctrl+Shift+R after opening the plugin's GUI to reload CSS and JavaScript files.


If you prefer to have our plugins log to their own log file, add the following to your celum/home/appserver/log4j2.xml:

in the <Appenders> section:

    <!-- brix log -->
    <RollingFile name="brixlog" fileName="${sys:celum.home}/appserver/log/brix.log"
      <PatternLayout pattern="%d{yyyy:MM:dd HH:mm:ss} %C{1} %-5p %m%n"/>
        <TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy interval="1"/>
      <DefaultRolloverStrategy compressionLevel="5">
        <Delete basePath="${sys:celum.home}/appserver/log">
          <IfFileName glob="brix.*.log.zip" />
          <IfLastModified age="30d" />

and in the <Loggers> section:

    <!-- brix log -->
    <Logger name="ch.brix" level="DEBUG" additivity="false">
      <AppenderRef ref="brixlog" />

... set the level= to one of ERROR, INFO, DEBUG or TRACE as you desire, and don't leave it at verbose levels in production (or as soon as you've found the issue).


To change the translations of terms used in our plugins:

  1. Open/extract the JAR file as you would a ZIP file
  2. For your desired language, search for a <lang>.properties file, e.g. de.properties for German
  3. In said file, search for the term you wish to change, e.g. Foo Bar might be listed as pluginName.fooBar=Foo Bar
  4. Copy the line over to your <home>/appserver/lang/customMessages_<lang>.properties and adapt right-hand side, e.g. pluginName.fooBar=Foo Baz
  5. Restart the appserver

License Issues

  • License file not found: Since 6.8, the environment variable synergy.home has been renamed to celum.home - supposedly this should have been backwards-compatible, but apparently it's not. Therefore we'd recommend that you have both -Dsynergy.home=... and -Dcelum.home=... pointed to the same location in order to achieve backwards-compatibility with older releases.

CELUM version vs. CELUM release

Starting with CELUM 6 (aka ContentHub), the notion of "releases" was introduced, which has nothing to do with the actual version. But sometimes this matters, so we'll stick with the version. Here's a lookup table:

CELUM Version CELUM Release Name CELUM API
5.x 5.x 1.x
6.0.0 18.12 2.0
6.0.1 19.1 2.0
6.1.0 19.3 2.1
6.2.0 19.6 2.2
6.2.1 19.8 2.2.2
6.3.0 19.10 2.3
6.4.0 19.12 3.0
6.4.1 - 6.4.2 20.2 3.0
6.5.0 - 6.5.2 20.3 3.1
6.6.x 20.6 3.2
6.7.x 20.7 3.3
6.8.x 20.9 (ESR) 3.4
6.9.x 21.2 3.5
6.10.x 21.5 3.6
6.11.x 21.9 3.7
6.12.x 22.1 (ESR) 3.8
6.13.x 22.4 3.9
6.14.x 22.9 3.10
6.15.x 23.1 3.11
6.16.x 23.5 (ESR) 3.12
6.17.x 23.12 3.13
6.18.x 24.4 3.14

ESR = Extended Support Release