Batch Search And Apply Metadata

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With the extension, you can import a predefined csv- or excel-file (containing search values and values to be written), select a search rule and import the metadata from the provided file to the corresponding assets based on an apply rule.

Batch Search And Apply Metadata Core


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: String, required: yes, default: -

The license key for the plugin (product: batchSearchAndApplyMetadata), provided by brix.


type: list of long (comma separated), required: no, default: -

Restrict the use of the plugin to this user group IDs (superadmins always see it in any case).

Batch Search And Apply Metadata Providers

To create a new providers, create a sub-package of the core package (ch.brix.batchSearchAndApplyMetadata.<sub-package-name>) and implement the following interfaces.

public interface SearchProvider {

    // name displayed in GUI
    String getSearchProviderName(Locale locale); 

    // description displayed in GUI
    String getSearchProviderDescription(Locale locale); 

    // search rules, returns result as string (displayed in GUI)
    String searchAssets(Credentials credentials, long rowNumber, List<String> row, ApplyMetadataProvider applyMetadataProvider); 
public interface ApplyMetadataProvider {

    // name displayed in GUI
    String getApplyMetadataProviderName(Locale locale); 

    // description displayed in GUI
    String getApplyMetadataProviderDescription(Locale locale); 

    // apply rules, returns write counter
    int applyMetadata(Credentials credentials, Asset asset, List<String> row); 


A demo implementation can be found here.

In the demo case you can upload an excel / csv with two columns:


The Demo Search Provider Case 1 searches assets with the following filters:

  • nodetype 123
  • dropdown infofield with index == 1
  • noderef infofield with nodeId == 123456
  • assets containing value from column A in infofield 1 and/or infofield 2

The Apply Provider writes the value from column B to infofield 3 of all assets that meet the above rules.





Compatibility Matrix

Batch Search And Apply Metadata CELUM (min. version)
1.0.3 6.16 (tested with 6.16)
Nova Plugin CELUM (min. version) Backend Plugin (min. version)
1.0.0-6.16.0 6.16.0 1.0.3

Release Notes


Release: 2023-12-08

Initial Version