Node Name to Infofield


The "Node Name to Infofield" plugin fills the sort-infofield-value with the node name when a new node is created or the name of a node has changed. There is also a task which fills the sort-infofield-value of each node if they are empty.

This is simply a workaround that can be used in conjunction with tree.containerTreeOrderByResolver=customFieldContainerTreeOrderByResolver, as this resolver currently "randomizes" the sort order if the sort information field is empty (instead of falling back to the node name).


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: InformationFieldId, required: yes, default: -

The information field to copy the node name to.


type: List of NodeTypeId, required: yes, default: -

Whitelist of node types that should be affected by the plugin. This should probably reflect those configured in tree.containerOrderByCustomField, but doesn't have to.


type: String, required: no, default: false

If true, the configured information field will always get updated with the node name, even if it already has a value.

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