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With the "Remove from Node" plugin you get a list of nodes from selected assets. You can select nodes to remove the assets from theses nodes. All nodes are preselected, only the one where you selected the assets is not preselected. If you select all nodes, the asset will be deleted.


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: String, required: yes, default: -, since 1.4

The license key for the plugin (product: removeFromNode), provided by brix.


type: numbers, required: no, default: super admins only

UserGroupIds defines which user groups can access this plugin and delete assets from the node if they have the permission in celum.

e.g. 12,73,32


type: string, required: no, default: other, since 1.3

Supported values for the default selection when the window was just opened: all, none, other (all nodes but the active one), active.


type: boolean, required: no, default: false, since 1.3

Whether the API user should be used or not. Attention: potentionally dangerous, choose the allowed user groups very carefully if this setting is turned on.


type: boolean, required: no, default: false, since 1.3

Prevents the removal from the last node an asset is linked to. In other words, it prevents an asset from being deleted, but the remaining node it will be linked to is random, maybe outside the user's visible scope, and cannot be specified.


type: boolean, required: no, default: false, since 1.5

Shows an instructional message (message key:


type: boolean, required: no, default: false, since 1.5

Shows the full node paths instead of just the node name and the path as tool tip.


type: NodeTypeId, required: no, default: -, since 1.7.1

Defines, which nodetypes are not displayed in the GUI.


Remove Asset from Node

Compatibility Matrix

Remove from Node CELUM (min. version)
1.0 5.13.3
1.5.2 5.13.4 (tested with 6.8)
1.6.0 5.13.4 (tested with 6.9.3)
1.7.0 6.4.0 (tested with 6.9.3)
Nova Plugin CELUM (min. version)
1.0.0 6.8.1
1.0.1 6.9.3
1.0.2 6.11.0

Release Notes


Released 2017-09-27

Initial Version


Released 2018-09-06

Added configuration properties: useApiUser, selection and preventRemovalFromLastNode. Additionally visible nodes without deletion permission are now shown, but disabled and cannot be selected.


Released 2019-01-28

Added license


Released 2019-02-05

Added configuration properties: showInfo, showFullPath


Released 2022-09-19

More precise warning messages depending on action