Direct Download

When individual assets should be made available externally (e.g. for calls from external systems or referencing in a website) in the original or a specific download format without a PIN code as a simple link, look no further than "Direct Download". The link is static and always delivers the latest version of the CELUM Asset. This is also usefull if you want to link assets in your CMS without having to download them to the CMS. Via the reqular API, the download link expires after a short time - this one doesn't.

The plugin is also able to search for an asset using full-text search, a specific information field (e.g. article number), or a customer-specific criterion. In that case the first (highest ranking) found asset is returned.


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: long (user ID), required: no, default: -

The user to use for downloading and assessing permissions - otherwise a login prompt to be shown, in which case that user will be used.


type: boolean, required: no, default: false

Default value for the relay parameter - whether to relay redirects through the application server instead of redirecting to the conversion/storage-server URL. This may be useful if you need static URLs for caching etc. and no upload mechanism is in place.


type: bean name, required: no, default: directDownloadFulltextSearchProvider

Name of the bean that provides the search functionality for ?search=''foo'', e.g. look for something in a specific infofield. Defaults to ''directDownloadFulltextSearchProvider'' (simple full-text search).


type: bean string, required: no, default: /images/200x200_bw/icon_unsupported_filetype.png

Image to deliver when nothing could be found. An empty fallbackImage will return a plain HTTP 404.


type: string or long, required: no, default: thmb, since: 1.3

The default download format that is used when no format parameter was provided.


type: long, required: no, default: -, since 1.3

Information field (noderef) that will be used for tracking consumers (such as your CMS). Make sure that it's available four your user and asset type(s).

Request Parameters

Base-URL: {celum}/direct/download


type: long (asset ID), required: probably

The ID of the requested asset - required unless you want to use search


type: string, required: no, since: 1.1

Search by this term (e.g. product number), behavior depends on searchProvider setting


type: string or long, required: no, default: configurable

The download format ID or preview format name to use.

  • Download format IDs: see Administration > Download Format Groups and Permissions
  • Standard format names:
    • thmb (jpg up to 250x250px)
    • prvw (jpg up to 1024x1024px)
    • largeprvw (jpg up to 3000x3000px)
    • orig or original (the original file)

type: boolean, required: no

Override for relaying requests (see settings above)


type: string, required: no, since: 1.2

Instead of returning the asset, return the first related asset of the type related. You can find all available relation-types in {home}/appserver/spring/asset-relations.xml, there look for the ID-parameter, e.g. <property name="id" value="languageVariant" />.


type: string ("from" or "to"), required: no, default: "from", since: 1.2

Only for the related-parameter, looks either for a relation originating from or to the asset.


type: string, required: no, default: "directDownload", since: 1.3

Specify what service consumed this asset. This is used for the download statistiks and if trackingInfofieldId is set for the usage tracking as well. E.g. /direct/download?id=1337&format=orig&consumer=Wordpress will assign (or create) a node "Wordpress" to that assets tracking infofield.


  • Call by ID, without login - downloads a low-res PDF from an InDesign document:
  • Call by search term, without login - downloads a preview image:
  • Call by ID, with login (demo/demo) - downloads the original file:

Release Notes


Added support for search queries


Added support for relations


Added defaultDownloadFormat setting


Added automatic usage tracking when downloading a non-preview file and trackingInfofieldId is set