Magnolia:connect is a Magnolia extension which allows you to embed assets from CELUM DAM directly into your Magnolia CMS pages.

1. Installation


  • Make sure the REST API (CORA) is installed and activated
    • For v2 of the module at least v2.3 of CORA is required
  • Create a new REST authentication profile for Magnolia in CELUM CMA
  • Install and configure DirectDownload


  • Add the brix external Maven Repository to your Magnolia Maven project:
    <name>brix external repository</name>
  • Add your credentials for the brix external Maven Repository (delivered by brix cross media) to the server section of your Maven settings.xml:
  • Add the celum-dam-connector module as a dependency in your Magnolia Maven project:
  • Build your Magnolia webapp with Maven and deploy it

2. Configuration

Configure the following properties in Magnolia:


Your license key for the module (provided by brix)


The API key of the CORA authentication profile


The Node Type ID you want to use with Magnolia:Connect


The code of the locale to use for the node hierarchy

3. Usage

Note: The provided component celum-simple-image is only an example, it is strongly recommended to implement your own custom component.

  • Add a new component somewhere on your page
  • Choose CELUM simple image as component type magnolia:connect-add-component
  • Click Select new...
  • Browse the tree or use the full text search to find the desired asset, then select it and click Choose magnolia:connect-select-asset
  • Confirm your selection by clicking on Save magnolia:connect-save-selection

Release Notes


  • Added button to clear the asset selection


  • Implemented full text search


  • The module now requires a license
  • Added tracking (notifies CELUM when a asset is selected)