Wordpress celum:connect is a Wordpress extension which allows you to download assets from CELUM via the CELUM Asset Picker directly into the Wordpress filesystem.

1. Requirements

2. Installation

  • Login into the Wordpress backend as an administrator
  • Go To Plugins
  • Click on Upload Plugin, upload the celum:connect Plugin and click in Install Now
  • Go To Settings -> Celum:connect Options
  • Configure the API-key (from the CMA in CELUM)
  • Define the root-nodes (comma separated)
  • Enter the End Point URL (/cora)


3. Configuration

  • On the Asset Picker Options page, enter the IDs for the default download formats (Image, Unknown, Document, Video Text, Audio) and the supported download formats.

4. Usage

  • Login into the Wordpress backend
  • Go to Posts -> Add New
  • Click on Add Media
  • Select celum:connect on the left panel
  • Choose between "Load assets to Wordpress" and "Link assets from Celum"
  • Select the desired asset(s) and click on the shopping cart button
  • Choose the desired download format(s) and download the asset(s) into Wordpress.



Release Notes


Added tracking of downloaded Assets with "Direct Download"


Added Possibility to choose between "Load assets to Wordpress" and "Link assets from Celum"