Wordpress celum:connect is a Wordpress extension which allows you to download assets from CELUM via the CELUM Asset Picker directly into the Wordpress filesystem.

1. Requirements

2. Installation

  • Login into the Wordpress backend as an administrator

  • Go To Plugins

  • Click on Upload Plugin, upload the celum:connect Plugin and click in Install Now

  • Go To Settings -> Celum:connect Options

  • Configure the API-key (from the CMA in CELUM)

  • Define the root-nodes (comma separated)

  • Enter the license key (delivered by brix cross media)


3. Configuration

  • On the Celum:connect Options page, enter the IDs for the default download formats (Image, Unknown, Document, Video Text, Audio) and the supported download formats.

  • The usage is stored in the node-ref information field defined in the Direct Download property. Specify the consumer name for downloading and for linking assets (this name will be sent to CELUM when an asset was downloaded or linked as a usage reference). The consumer name will be added as node-ref value automatically if it does not yet exist.

  • Select the right Asset Picker Version for your CELUM installation

3.1. Compatibility Matrix

REST API version CELUM 5.13.x CELUM 5.12.x Asset Picker version
rest-all-2.1 5.13.0 (+) 5.12.3 (+) 2.0
rest-all-2.1 5.13.2 (-) 2.1
rest-all-2.2 5.13.0 (+) 5.12.3 (+) 2.0
rest-all-2.2 5.13.2 (-) 2.1
rest-all-2.3 5.13.0 (+) 5.12.3 (+) 2.0
rest-all-2.3 5.13.2 (-) 2.1
rest-all-3.0 5.13.1 (+) 2.2
rest-all-3.0 5.13.2 (-) 2.3
rest-all-3.1 5.13.2 (+) 2.3
rest-all-3.2 5.13.3 (+) 2.4
  • (+) The version is the first maintenance version in which a previously unsupported feature is added.

  • (-) The version is the first maintenance version in which a previously supported feature is removed.

4. Usage

  • Login into the Wordpress backend

  • Go to Posts -> Add New

  • Click on Add Media

  • Select celum:connect on the left panel

  • Choose between "Load assets to Wordpress" and "Link assets from Celum"

  • Select the desired asset(s) and click on the shopping cart button

  • Choose the desired download format(s) and download the asset(s) into Wordpress.



Release Notes


Released 2016-07-06

  • Initial verison

Released 2018-02-01

  • Added tracking of downloaded Assets with "Direct Download"

Released 2018-04-06

  • Added Possibility to choose between "Load assets to Wordpress" and "Link assets from Celum"

Released 2018-07-18

  • Added Support for different Asset Picker Versions (2.0 - 2.4), Selectable in the celum:connect Options

  • Configurable usage for link and for download

Released 2019-01-29

  • Asset Picker version 2.5 and 2.5.2 added

  • Code cleaning, sanitizing and validation added for Wordpress guidelines (conditions for wordpress plugin store)