Wordpress celum:connect is a Wordpress extension which allows you to download assets from CELUM via the CELUM Asset Picker directly into the Wordpress filesystem.

1. Installation

  • Login into the Wordpress backend as an administrator
  • Go To Plugins
  • Click on Upload Plugin, upload the celum:connect Plugin and click in Install Now
  • Go To Plugins -> Asset Picker Options
  • Configure the API-key (from the CMA in CELUM)
  • Define the root-nodes (comma separated)
  • Enter the End Point URL (/cora)


2. Configuration

  • On the Asset Picker Options page, enter the IDs for the download formats (Image, Unknown, Document, Video Text, Audio, Other supported download formats).

3. Usage

  • Login into the Wordpress backend
  • Go to Posts -> Add New
  • Click on Add Media
  • Select celum:connect on the left panel
  • Select the desired asset(s) and click on the shopping cart button
  • Choose the desired download format(s) and download the asset(s) into Typo3.