Typo3 celum:connect is a Typo3 extension which allows you to download assets from CELUM via the CELUM Asset Picker directly into the typo3 filesystem.

1. Installation

  • Login into the Typo3 backend as an administrator
  • Go To ADMIN TOOLS and select Extensions
  • Click on Upload Extension and upload the «celum:connect» Extension, or choose Get Extension in the dropdown, search the «celum:connect» Extension in the repository and click on Import and Install
  • In the extension overview, click on configure next to the celum:connect extension
  • Enter the license key (delivered by brix cross media)
  • Configure the API-key (from the CMA in CELUM)
  • Define the root-nodes (comma separated)
  • Choose the AssetPicker version corresponding to the used CELUM version (see Compatibility Matrix)
  • If DirectDownload is used, set a name to track the usage of an asset back to CELUM
  • Choose how the downloaded assets should be named in typo3

typo3:connect configuration

2. Configuration

  • On the configuration page, go to the second Tab Download Formats and enter the IDs for the download formats (Image, Unknown, Document, Video Text, Audio, Other supported download formats).

    After every change in the configuration, clear the typo3 system cache and your browser cache.

typo3:connect downloadformats

3. Usage

  • Login into the Typo3 backend
  • Choose the celum:connect extension under the FILE section typo3:connect select extension
  • Select a destination folder where the assets should be downloaded to
  • Choose the desired asset(s) and click on the shopping cart button typo3:connect Asset Picker - search and select
  • Choose the desired download format(s) and download the asset(s) into Typo3. typo3:connect Asset Picker - download

3.1. Compatibility Matrix

REST API version CELUM 5.13.x CELUM 5.12.x Asset Picker version
rest-all-2.1 5.13.0 (+) 5.12.3 (+) 2.0
rest-all-2.1 5.13.2 (-) 2.1
rest-all-2.2 5.13.0 (+) 5.12.3 (+) 2.0
rest-all-2.2 5.13.2 (-) 2.1
rest-all-2.3 5.13.0 (+) 5.12.3 (+) 2.0
rest-all-2.3 5.13.2 (-) 2.1
rest-all-3.0 5.13.1 (+) 2.2
rest-all-3.0 5.13.2 (-) 2.3
rest-all-3.1 5.13.2 (+) 2.3
rest-all-3.2 5.13.3 (+) 2.4
  • (+) The version is the first maintenance version in which a previously unsupported feature is added.
  • (-) The version is the first maintenance version in which a previously supported feature is removed.

Release Notes


Released 2017-02-08

  • Initial verison

Released 2017-07-13

  • License key required

Released 2018-08-06

  • Asset Picker version selectable

Released 2018-08-07

  • DirectDownload integrated for usage remark in celum
  • Rename to celum_connect

Released 2018-08-10

  • Asset name option added (ID & Downloadformat or CELUM asset name)